Tal Yizrael Photography and Installation

2006  M.F.A Photography and Installation, Claremont Graduate University, 
1998 P.E Photography and Digital Media, Hadassah College, Jerusalem
Solo and Two Person Exhibitions
2016 "Inventory" Art Cube Artist's Studios, Jerusalem.
2016 "The Shrine of the vessels", Lobby Gallery. Tel  aviv
2009 “DNA: Department of Nocturnal Affairs” project 210 Gallery, Pasadena, CA, USA.
          (Collaboration project with Caroline Maxwell).
2007 “Bubblescapes” Sharq Gallery, Pacific Palisades, CA,USA.
2007 “Magma” Upstairs at the Market Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
2006 “The Shrine of the Bubbling Bubbles” MFA thesis show Peggy Phelps Gallery,
          Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA, USA.
2005 “Dream for Lease/ Rent”, Peggy Phelps Gallery Claremont Graduate University,
         Claremont, CA, USA.


Selected Group exhibitions


Xsection Film Festival, Watertown, MA, USA

40North film Festival, San Diego, CA, USA

Maiden LA, Downtown LA, CA, USA


The OECD conference on Urban Planning, Paris, France

Habitat III - The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito.

Special project in “Fresh Paint” Art Fair, The zoological Museum, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.

“Wake up City” exhibition in the annual planners association conference, “Madadech”, Haifa,Israel


“Nano Art”: The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel curated by Michal Mor and others

‘Wake up city’ exhibition in ‘Habitat3’, United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development, Quito, Ecuador.

Sham,Sham" Beit Avi chai, Jerusalem,Israel
"Facade"Merkazit Gallery, Tel Aviv,Israel
"Bread and roses 10", Shenkar,Tel Aviv


“Bread and roses 9” Kastiel,Tel Aviv,Israel

“Navee Navee” Between Heaven and earth Project, Jerusalem ,Israel
 “Drawing Camp 7-Hamelamdim” Ramla station for contemporary Art ,Ramle, Israel


“In the Dark”, Durden and Ray Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA. curated by Roni Feldman

"The Light Apearance/ Photograms and Mixed Media/ The Substance and Spirit of Things"
Musrara, The Nagar School of Photograpy, Media, Animation and New Music, Jerusalem, Israel.
Nisuy Kelim 8 Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel
“The Department of Nocturnal Affairs at Saint James st.” The Light festival of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
“Tel Aviv 2025” Shem Zmani Gallery, Tel Aviv
"hatan Vecala Beyafo",Old Jaffa Museum, Jaffa, Israel
“For Ronald” Bunny Gunner Gallery, Pomona, Ca
“Melting Point”, El Camino College Gallery, Torrance, California, USA Curated by Susanna Meiers.
“Tel Aviv In Focus Centennial Celebration”,   Bell Family Gallery, Jewish Federation council of Greater Los Angeles, California, USA, Curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey.
“In Love with Night” Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA, USA, Curated by Ciara Annis and Max King Cap.
 “From There to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel”, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.Curated by Sara Canon
“Through the Looking Glass”, Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
“Department of Nocturnal Affairs Memorial Park field Office ”, Pasadena Artnight, Pasadena CA (Collaboration project with Caroline Maxwell)
“Department of Nocturnal Affairs”, “Glow” Festival, Santa Monica, CA (Collaboration project with Caroline Maxwell)
“Geoffrey Cuningham,Caroline Maxwell,Carrie Minikel,Tessa Sutton,Tal Yizrael”
 Upstairs at the Market Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
“Lush” , Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
“Projection”, Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
“Underworld” Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
“Melt Down” Salon Oblique, Venice, CA
“Photo Chimera-Ten California photographers”, Brand Art Center, Glendale, CA,
curated by Gloria Williams sander.
“Abstract Contemporary Photography” Porque Base Gallery Taipei, Taiwan.
 “GLMFA”, Cal State Long Beach gallery, Long Beach, CA.
 “SuperSonic 2006”, L.A Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
 “Crimsons photos”, Claremont City Hall, Claremont, CA.
 “W/E Exchange exhibition”, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia.
“Reheated”, The Installation gallery, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.
“Europe in Five Days”, The Installation Gallery Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.
 “Around”, East Gallery Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.
“Fragile Dreams”, “The Apartment”, Pasadena, CA.
 “Soap”, The Installation Gallery, Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.
“Fresh”, The Installation Gallery, Claremont Graduate University  Claremont, CA.
“Women Photographing Women”, Wieizman Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.
“Underground”, The Artist 's Shelter, Jaffa ,Israel.
“This is Not My Cup of Coffee”, “JaffaArt”, Jaffa center, Jaffa, Israel.
Curatorial projects:
2009 “The Art Studio as a Lab, Invitation to Collaboration”, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,CA, USA.
2007 “Contemporary Landscapes” Millard sheets center for the arts, Pomona, CA (Catalog available)
Awards, Grants, Fellowships:
2012-2014 Artist Teacher Grant,Ministry of culture,Israel
2008 Pasadena Art Night Mini Grant
2008 Glow festival Commission
2005 - 2006 Claremont Graduate University Humanity Dean’s Fellowship.
2004 - 2006 Claremont Graduate University Tuition Fellowship.

“sparkles or peels”, Erev Rav ,Noa Lea Cohen Dec. 2015

 “The End of Wild” Deborah Ross , Visual Art Source, June 2012

Jerusalem Festival of Light Brings Eco-Art to the Holy City, Bracha Arnold, Greenprophet- Sastainable News for the Middle East, June 20, 2011

 "Melting Point" Suvan Geer,Artscene,november 2009.
“Artists Document City-animal Encounters”Aug. 23, 2009 |Adolfo Guzman Lopez  | KPCC
“From there to Here: Contemporary Southern California Artists from Israel”, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery catalog.
Santa Monica Miror “Santa Monica Glew all night” vol 10, july 2006
Verdugo monthly,”Picturing the New Wave”, February 2007, vol. 1, no. 1 ,pgs 30-32
Shalom LA, “Omanim Israelim Betaaruchat Super Sonic” August 2006 issue 983, 2006, p8

2007 Catalog assays for “Contamporay Landscapes”, Millard Sheets Center for the Arts
Pomona, CA, USA.
2008 Intoductin text for “The art Studio as A Lab, Invitation to collaboration”, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA,USA.
Talks in Confrencesand and invited Lectures
"Experimental Photography in California:Pomegranates and Other Symbols in Israeli and Jewish Culture",September 2010,
Pomona college,Claremont, CA, USA
“Light and Locale in Israeli modern and contemorary Art”, International Relations Colloquium, April 2008, Pomona college, Claremont, CA, USA
“The wifes of”, 8th Annual Minority Mentor Program's Global Action Student Research Conference. March, 2007,Claremont graduate University Claremont, CA,USA